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日光山Nikko Hill

Fair Cup by Izumi Tan

Fair Cup by Izumi Tan

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Dimensions: length 11.8, width 7.8, height 8.9cm Capacity: about 200ml

The writer Izumida was attracted by the weathered texture, the corroded texture of bronze and the withered shapes of flowers, and he sensed their almost "eternal" quality. He asked himself: “Can I create something interesting with this soil?” The answer he sought pointed to its rough, fragile, ephemeral and tense qualities. He felt as if these properties were the essence of the soil and couldn't help but reflect them on himself. He looks forward to encountering unknown and surprising soil features.

He said: "The mouth of this porcelain has an expression as if it were cut out of rock, an effect created by three kinds of glazes. Only the inside is painted white. Since it is oval, it is easy to handle.

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