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Forest Service Forest of Life Puzzle

Forest Service Forest of Life Puzzle

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The two puzzles launched by the Forest Service, "The Autumn Banquet of the Big Tree Family" and "Insignificant", continue the 2021 Forest of Life calendar. They are based on the interesting relationships between Taiwan's native species, allowing everyone to learn from the puzzles while doing it. Learn about Taiwan’s native animals and plants in puzzles!

Puzzle size: 75cm*50cm

The elves in Taiwan's mid-altitude forests cling to rocks or are embedded in moss on trees. They are a general term for a variety of non-vascular plant groups. Lichens are algae that fix nutrients from matter deposited in the atmosphere and add nutrients to the forest ecosystem. The algae are symbionts with the fungi and are protected from damage by the entanglement of hyphae. The fungi live on the nutrients produced by photosynthesis of the algae. At the macro level, there is a small insect in this small forest that perfectly blends into the very rare Taiwanese endemic species Penglai Echinacea. katydids

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