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日光山Nikko Hill

apanese Light Brown Carved Ceramic Handmade Serving Plate

apanese Light Brown Carved Ceramic Handmade Serving Plate

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Size: Diameter 21.7 Height 5cm

This is a work produced by the writer "Endo Kaoru" in Masuko.

"Eating is part of life and a pleasure every day,
I want to make utensils that can decorate these meal times,
It would be great if you could increase the appeal and excitement of your food through beautiful vessels. "
He made the vessels with this intention in mind.

Mashiko is a rural area rich in nature, where he can feel the trees in the forest, the gurgling water of the creek, the calls of birds, the powerful but short-lived wild flowers, and the gentle breeze.

In this laid-back atmosphere, the vessels Mr. Endo makes have soft and gentle qualities,
They have a "shabby chic (old yet stylish and elegant)" vibe like the French countryside, perfect for elegant table settings for mature women!

It will look very beautiful when matched with fabrics such as tablecloths or placemats in white, gray or pastel (slightly dull) colors of linen or cotton.


Light brown is a light yellow-green, but Mr. Endo's light brown has a lightly wrapped feel.

Patterns of flowers and flowing branches are lightly carved in and revealed through the glaze, creating a gentle and soothing feel.

Since the bowl has a rim, it is ideal as a bowl for curries or stews, and can also be used as a serving bowl, making it a highly used vessel.

Since it is handmade, there may be slight variations in pattern, glaze effect and size.


These vessels are sealed by Mr. Endo using rice mill residue, so they can be used directly.

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