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2021 Wai Zai Wai Memorial Cake

2021 Wai Zai Wai Memorial Cake

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A local literary society in Lanyang - "Wai Zai Wai Poetry Society", is taken from the old club name of the Gemalan people, "Wai Zai Wai Society".

Since its publication in 2007, the poetry journal has been published about once a year, and the current edition is the 18th. This is a cultural group that has been quietly cultivating local literature for 15 years. It has made great contributions to the promotion of Lanyang literature.

In terms of inheriting the past, it has produced the novelist Li Rongchun's special collection, the poet Luo Ye's special collection, etc.; in terms of initiating the future, the poetry magazine specially launched a "Local Voice" in each issue to recommend outstanding local young poets in Lanyang and invite them to join Poetry club to create continuously and long-term.

Looking back at the first press conference in 2007, everyone was reading casually beside the wood storage pond in the forest farm. At that time, the fragrance of lotus flowers was floating around, water birds were flying on the pond, and only a few teal ducks standing on the wood were the only listeners. But everything is happy, because it is simple and comfortable.

If we take the Taipingshan Forest Railway from Waizaiwai Station to Zhulin Station, although the space is only 3.07 kilometers, it took 15 long years for the poetry magazine to return to the forest farm to publish the 18th issue. Yes, it can be said to be of far-reaching significance.

Riguangshan Forest Tea Book Garden cooperated with the Wai Zai Wai Poetry Society composed of local writers in Yilan to produce the first commemorative tea, and entrusted Zhuang Tea International Co., Ltd. to supervise the production. The raw materials of this tea come from Jingmai Mountain in Xishuangbanna, Yunnan. The delicate original ecological tea greens are harvested in the spring before the Qingming Festival in 2021. The pressed Pu'er raw tea cake is made with traditional techniques. It has a melodious aroma and a mellow and sweet taste, which is worth savoring.

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